The Saints forward came off the bench in the second half and produced a low shot that squirmed under Black Cats keeper Jordan Pickford, to cancel out Jermain Defoe's penalty.

Defoe had given Sunderland the lead when he converted from 12 yards with ten minutes remaining, after Saints skipper José Fonte was judged to have fouled the striker.

But Rodriguez was able to strike shortly afterwards, ensuring Claude Puel's men have started with a pair of 1-1 draws in their opening two home matches in the Premier League.


The last few months have been really hard, especially having an injury that was more of an annoyance than serious - also I hadn’t long been back to fitness. 

The knee injury puts things in perspective and made me realise that although this time it wasn’t as serious, I had to take time to make sure I can perform 100% on the pitch again.

It gets frustrating not being able to play week in week out and seeing the lads playing without me.  All I want to do is play and become a better player each time I play and train.  I really miss the buzz of playing at the weekend and the feeling of scoring goals.  But I’m staying positive and looking to the future.  It feels really good to be back running.   Getting closer to returning to train is a good feeling and I’m very excited at the thought of getting back to play.

It’s important to me to have good people around me - my wife, family and friends.  This keeps me going through hard times and I feel very lucky to have these special people around me.  I’d like to add a huge thanks to the fans who have been such a support to me during this time.


Hi everybody,

Thanks for taking the trouble to visit my new website, I hope that you are as pleased as I am with the results!

I’m doing my best with Twitter and Instagram, which is not my natural stomping ground as you can probably work out!

A big shout to my web designers Blue Bee Solutions and management company Beswicks Sports Management for making this happen, not forgetting my sponsors, and the help and support from England, Southampton and Burnley.

Finally to you the fans… a HUGE thanks - please enjoy the site and interact as much as possible!



Week 4 of doing this and feeling really strong now!

(See below for video)


It’s been a long haul so far but everything is on target! I’m pleased with the results and am having the very best physio support available in the game, with Radders at Saints and some amazing sincere well wishes from fans and fellow players alike.


I’ve been asked about my favourite music, after putting The Smiths as my Twitter header. Here's my Top 10 List!  


Been asked if I was a Dog or a Cat person… well here’s my dog; Vera!

Vera is a two-year old Weimaraner - she's crazy and great fun. We love her to bits!